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Sydney's Trusted Home Builder

Blue Build are Sydney’s Trusted Home Builders!

Want to know the secret behind our success? It’s simple, our team!

Ryan – The man who started it all

“I see all of my employees as part of my family, just like my kids, and seeing them grow is why I build”

Sean – Site Supervisor and Leading Hand Carpenter, 5 years with Blue Build

“What I love about building is starting the project demolition and seeing the end product, seeing it all finished and seeng the reaction on the client’s face”

Christian – Apprentice Carpenter, 2 years with Blue Build

“I like seeing the progression of building, how it goes up really quickly and the teamwork involved in that”

Bardie – Apprentice Builder, 1 year with Blue Build

“I think my favourite part about the building industry is just getting in there, being out in the sun amongst a team and just getting the job done. What sets the Blue Build team apart is that when we’re on site, we’re all mates, we get in and get it done together, and I think that is what sets us apart in our builds.”

Connor – Site Supervisor and Carpenter, 6 months with Blue Build

“I think my favourite part of a build would definitely be just when all the frames are up and that moment that the rock goes on and you see what the house is really going to look like. I also love all the physical work and being outdoors”

Corey – Apprentice Carpenter, 1 year with Blue Build

“What I love about building is basically just from start to finish just watching the whole process from the ground up”

Debbie – Administration, 3 months with Blue Build

“What I love about building is the process of ordering materials to the completion of the job”


About Blue Build

Build Build are a Sutherland Shire based Building company that services all of Sydney with our premium building services. We specialise in new homes and custom home build solutions. In addition to this, we are also experts in Home Renovations and extensions of all kinds. Our service is tailored to the needs of each client – you can come to us with your architectural drawings ready to go; or if you haven’t got that far, we can explore your great ideas to improve your home and guide you through the process to get you started. If you want to learn more about us or get in touch we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us by clicking here and filling out a contact form or calling 1800 089 578.