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How often have you considered renovating your Sydney home, but find yourself constantly putting it off, well, Blue Build may have the solution for you!

Since we’ve been involved in hundreds of incredible home transformations over the past 15 years, we have some pretty great reasons for home renovations

We all know how much time, money and energy is invested in renovating homes, it can drive you crazy, but we really believe the positive aspects of renewing your Sydney home will outweigh any potential costs or stress. There’s clearly a reason why you’ve been considering home renovations, and probably why you’re reading this! It’s because there’s most likely a practical and compelling reason behind all these exciting thoughts!

And guess what, Blue Build are professional builders that can turn all these thoughts and dreams into a reality!

Here’s A Few Reasons Why You Might Want To Renovate Your Sydney Home…

1. More Space Is Needed

A smaller, more intimate space was probably more than enough once upon a time, but now there’s a toddler in the mix, and another on the way! So you realise a little more space is needed, and the addition of a few new rooms is essential, like a nursery. You’ll also want to consider the layout of your home, will you be able to watch your kids easily from the kitchen? Maybe you need some renovations to ensure this. Or maybe you’ve already survived through the younger years and they’re all grown, you may want to renovate your home to ensure you all have enough privacy to live peacefully. Or maybe your eldest is a drummer, we bet you’d want a quiet retreat far far away! Basically, as your family grows you’ll realise house changes may be necessary, so why not start now on your beautiful Sydney home?

2. You Want To Live A Higher Quality Life

Your home is your family’s haven, it should always be providing you with quality of life. Making sure your home is adequately assisting your lifestyle is very important. Consider the areas of the house you use most, like the kitchen or living room, renovating these key spaces to accomodate for everyone equates to a substantially improved quality of life!

It also may be disheartening to see your old bedrooms and bathrooms decaying away and falling apart. Maybe your plumbing is causing serious problems, or the laundry room is way too claustrophobic? Does your bathroom have broken tiles? Is your kitchen looking drab instead of cosy? Well, it could be time for an update. And always keep in mind, renovating your home in one big project is usually much more economical and productive than performing continuous minor enhancements.

3. You’ve Been Thinking Of Going Green

A great way of significantly reducing living costs is adding eco-friendly modifications to your home. Not only are you doing your part for our planet, but you also get great returns on your investment over time. These renovations can help make your house be more energy efficient, so modifying your home’s layout, placing windows thoughtfully and designing with the environment in mind is an awesome long-term investment.

4. Your Home Is In Need Of Some Character

If you ask us, old houses are usually just hidden gems waiting to be transformed to their full potential. Does your home feel dated, but you want to keep its appeal and character? Well, get in contact with a professional home Designer! Older homes can be modernised without losing their character, including modifying the rear of the house by extending or opening it. Seeing the results of renovating older houses can truly be mesmerising, as you watch them get brought into the 21st century, yet retaining and restoring their original appeal!

5. Renovating Your Home To Save On Maintenance Costs

Do you find yourself ALWAYS having to repair a broken window, saving leaks, or mending what seems to be everything in your home? Just stop for a minute, and consider how much these small yet numerous repairs are costing you. You’re not only spending more money, you’re also sacrificing your home’s functionality and comfort. A significant home renovation can effectively address the causes of breakdowns in your home quite well, for example, too much direct sunlight onto your furnishings or moisture getting into your wooden floorboards can all be worries of the past with some necessary renovations!

So basically, adding an entertaining area on your back deck, renovating your kitchen, resizing or relocating bedrooms and living rooms, or even creating a second floor to open up the view can significantly improve your home’s appeal and value if done well!

We really hope this has provided some clarity and helped make the decision to take the plunge and commit to those renovations you’ve been dreaming of for your beautiful Sydney home!

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